Enslaved Mirror

interesting ‚Medolectrocore’ from Germany

What seemed to be only jam sessions in the beginning, developed very fast to an own style of the Band from Germany and led very quick to great successes e.g. a slot on the DOMINATION ONE FESTIVAL 2011, being on the sampler „NRW-MEETS-HESSEN“ (Brainbuster Music), being under the top 10 of the Emergenza- Festivals and a rapidly growing fan base on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Furthermore the band was on IBIZA and recorded a professional music-video of their song ‚Follow me’ in 2012.

On IBIZA the band graduated a professional management- and band coaching for 6 up to 8 hours every day, one week.

A lot of experience about melodic, deathcore and progressive was mixed with sensual cleanings, by the members

Michél Geck, Mathias Strüber, Fabian Buschmann, Marvin Schwarze, Martin Schwieder und Marius Schulte.

Besides many song-releases, the band tends to ‚extraordinary’ fan-specials...

2013 the band releases a low-budget music-video of their cover of ‚PSY’s - Gentleman’.

With their unconventional ‚k-pop meets metal’-production and their own podcast series ‚EnslavedTV’ the band rejoiced over a ‚click-explosion’ of the YouTube-channel and many review requests of the band, bonus tracks like ‚H.A.T.E.’ and a posting of EMP Merchandising of their cover-video.

Since June 2012 the Band is contracted by AgenturMMM-Artist-Management, awarded with the Price of Innovation - IT - 2012’.

2014 shall be a great year for the band – certainly you can expect much from ‚Enslaved Mirror’.


October 2005, Michél Geck (Vocals/ Piano) started his musical involvement playing guitar, drums, piano and sang in multiple band-projects, where he concentrated in covering metal-classics.

In October 2007 was a local musical-project, where Michél met many musicians - one of them Mathias Strüber (Guitar).

One month later Mathias decided to join Michél’s project and played the for the music’s missing guitar. He also refined the band with his passion for composing own songs.

End of 2009 the nameless Band became acquainted with Marv Schwarze (Keyboard/ Cello), who joined 2010.

Many sessions and little concerts let the trio grow together, so that successes not failed to appear.

After getting Marius Schulte (Drums) into the team, they founded ‚Enslaved Mirror’ as the only authentically name for the band.

Fabian Buschman (Guitar) supplemented ‚Enslaved Mirror’. Besides studying he leads his own guitar-manufacturing.

The self-titled „Mirror-Crew“ was completed by the entering of Martin Schwieder (Bass), a very talented bass-player.

Their musical style at least...

Is such as unique as the band-name itself:

Memorable melodies, fast riffing, brutal breakdowns and almost all techniques of sub guttural vocals acting together with progressive influences led to the extraordinary appellation:


This shows their style can’t be putted into a box; it would need a ’multipart box-set’ to put in.

The name - ‚Enslaved Mirror’ - stands for a metaphorically mirror, which is held in front of society, which isn’t able to escape from, without to fight against problematics of straining, prejudices and deception of e.g. mass-medias, in society.

For their spectrum of society criticism, the band confronts with everyday occurrences.

However the lyrics are written in timeless style and allow much flexibility in interpretations.

Inter alia the ‚Mirror-Crew’ understand their work as being near to their fans, having fun and purposefulness in giving a sign to the market.